Cab (cabd) wrote in allotments_anon,

Spring coming...

Broad beans first sowing in pots in the cold frame from December sowing, sowing two (bigger one) direct in ground last weekend.

Winter digging nearly done.

Jerusalem artichokes planted (specimens straight out of last years patch).

Seed potatoes arrived, shallots arrived.

Over wintering onions and garlic looking good.

Cuttings from various ribes not looking dead.

Sweet potato slips prepared from one of last years sweet potatoes, sitting in a glass of water and rooting now.

Sweet peas sowed in loo roll innards in seed trays outside.

Still harvesting carrots, beetroot, salsify, scorzonera, Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips, kale, broccoli, cabbage, leaf beet and chard, Alexanders, chick weed, three cornered leek, leeks, crow garlic, wild celery, celeriac and of course assorted winter herbs.

Still got potatoes, winter squashes, garlic and shallots in store. Ran out of our own onions though (a few red onions left).

Its the 'big wait' till its time for proper sowings now. Its almost Spring, but its still way too cold out to do much.
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