Ed Chivers (longhairedhippy) wrote in allotments_anon,
Ed Chivers

Garden progress...

Last night we ate a vegetable curry which used brocolli and coriander from our own garden, and it was delicious :)

The rest of the brocolli probably need cutting, blanching and freezing before too much longer. One of them's gone to seed, I think, which is a bit of a shame but never mind. I'll need to find out if it's an F1 or not (if it's an F1, any seeds it produces probably won't germinate, or might not be any good, so I'd be better off hacking off the top to encourage side growth).

The beans are doing quite well, the scarlet emperors are growing nicely and are starting to climb up or garden arch, and the nearby kidney bean plant has put out a vine across about a foot of empty space in order to climb up the arch (how does it know??)

The leaf miners which were plaguing my chard seems to have gone away for now, so I'm looking forward to using some of this in meals, too.

Finally, my pumpkin plants are putting out lovely big yellow flowers but I'm not seeing any fruit yet. Is there anything special I have to do to these in order to get them fruiting? I would have assumed they were insect-pollinated, is this right?
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