Judith Proctor (watervole) wrote in allotments_anon,
Judith Proctor

Some bastard nicked our strawberries!

We've been having a crop of the most fantastic flavoured, fully organic, fresh from the plot, strawberries.

I went down to pick some more today and they were almost all gone.  At first glance, I couldn't see any at all - only those well hidden under leaves had survived.  I picked a grand total of six. Even the partially ripe ones were gone. 

This was more than someone having a quick snack. I'd say the equivalent of at least a couple of punnets was taken.  Someone took those to sell - why else take all the half-green ones as well?  (they'll ripen away from the plant, though they will never taste quite as good as ones picked when they're fully ripe)

Has anyone else had a theft of this kind?  I wonder if the rising price of food is behind it.
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